The Humber Bridge

Hull has 3,248 vacant houses within its catchment zone, including 265 which have been empty for at least five years.

Hull have some schemes to bring these properties back into use, including short term leases, and low interest loans.

The average house price in Hull is approximately £135k.


Hull has some of the worst internet speeds in the country.

Hull has a large number of schools rated Outstanding to Good by Ofsted.

Hull has a very large number of music venues and art galleries.

Hull has a thriving music scene.

Hull has a good selection of local parks.

Hull has a large student population.

Hull is known for a large number of high quality public houses.

Hull is the UK home of Frisbee Golf, and has a free to use frisbee gold course.

Hull city council are known for putting on a large number of community events.

Hull is home to an award winning aquarium.

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