The Duck and Drake, Pub and Music Venue

Leeds has more than 10000 empty homes.

Leeds council attempt to bring empty properties back into use by offering low interest loans.

Leeds council provide a service to help make empty homes habitable again, called Empty Homes Doctor. This service is completely free and provides help with every step of making empty properties habitable.

Leeds community foundation provide grants that can (and have) be used to renovate empty homes.

The average house price in Leeds is approximately £210K.


Broadband speeds in Leeds vary from some of the best in the country to slightly below average depending on the area.

Leeds is soon to recieve an upgrade to it’s broadband, as part of the “Ultra Fast Broadband” roll-out.

Leeds has a thriving and varied music scene, ranging from arenas, to small venues, and gigs every night of the week.

Leeds has a large variety of cinemas.

Leeds has a large variety of sports facilities.

Leeds has a varied and lively nightlife.

Leeds has a large student population.

Leeds has a large number of schools rated Outstanding to Good by Ofsted.

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